Manage projects
from Gmail

Replidy is a set of Gmail power-ups for freelancers and agencies that run their business from their inbox.

Built for Gmail and Google Chrome

Automatic reminders

Didn’t get that logo from the client in time? Setting a reminder will tell you when it’s time to follow up.

Keep track of changes

No more looking for essential details hidden deep within email threads. With the highlighter you can mark important things and add them to the project summary.

Find files and links faster

See all the links and attachments from all your email threads in one view. No more digging to find the right version.

Organize projects

Project folders are the smart folders you’ve always missed in Gmail. Add an email to a project and keep all the things in one place.

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Coming soon

Email notes

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Send large files

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Coming soon

Meeting scheduler

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Coming soon

Shared project folders

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Built for Gmail and Google Chrome

Made for freelancers 
and agencies

Replidy is made by Andreas and Henning; A developer and a designer who weren’t happy with the current options for managing clients and projects.